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by Jonathon Riley

The Sixth Coalition and the Downfall of Napoleon. 1813 was a critical year in the world war when, in a series of major battles the converging armies of the Coalition drove the French forces back. It was the year in which the balance of power tipped decisively against Napoleon’s First Empire to the benefit of the Coalition which consisted of Austria, Prussia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and the smaller German states. The author covers operations in central Europe and Spain, where the allies broke French power, humbled Napoleon and laid the foundations for the Congress of Vienna.

2013, Praetorian Press, , 9781783033973,< B-01>,222pp, 23 maps, 10 b/w & 14 colour plates, 6 figures & illustrations, New in d/w, ,
Subject... European Conflicts & The Napoleonic Wars
Web No. 34910-01..............................£25.00 

by Joseph Sinclair

An account of a soldier's campaign from De La Plata to Waterloo, 1806-1815. This remarkable memoir was first published in Edinburgh in 1819. One cannot improve on Sir Charles Oman’s description of the book as "the work of a man of superior education, who wrote from the ranks, yet was so different in education and mental equipment from his comrades". His account covers Whitelock’s disastrous 1806 South American adventure, the Peninsular War, the Walcheren Expedition and the Battle of Waterloo. For the first time, Joseph Sinclair has been unmasked as the author, thanks to new research work by Stuart Reid.

2010, Frontline Books, , 9781848325616,< B-01>,176pp, New in d/w, ,
Subject... European Conflicts & The Napoleonic Wars
Web No. 36153-01..............................£19.99 

by William Urban

The eighteenth century marked a watershed in European history. This was a period of significant economic, political and technological upheaval which led to the American and French revolutions, and was to ultimately pave the way for Europe’s domination of much of the world. The wars and political maneuvering of Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great transformed Prussia and Russia into major players in European politics. France, the richest nation in the West, survived losing successive wars, then bankrupted itself assisting the Americans in an unnecessary war of revenge. This engaging new book traces the evolution of war-making throughout this turbulent period.

2013, Frontline Books, , 9781848327115,< B-01>,280pp, 3 maps, 20 b/w illustrations, New in d/w, ,
Subject... European Conflicts & The Napoleonic Wars
Web No. 15480-01..............................£25.00 

by William Urban

Warfare in Europe and Beyond, 1500-1700. In the early modern world three dominant cultures of war were shaped by a synergy of their internal and external interactions. One was Latin Christian western Europe. Another was Ottoman Islam. The third, no less vital and often overlooked, was east–central Europe: Poland/Lithuania, Livonia, Russia and the freebooting Cossacks. William Urban's fascinating narrative extends from the French invasion of Italy in 1494 to Austria's Balkan victories, culminating in the 1718 Treaty of Peterwardein.

2011, Pen & Sword, , 9781848326286,< B-01>,278pp, 16 b/w illustrations, New in d/w, ,
Subject... European Conflicts & The Napoleonic Wars
Web No. 36627-01..............................£25.00 

by Thomas Dring and Editor David Swain

In 1824, sixty five year old Thomas Dring retired in his native state of Rhode Island. In 1782, forty-two years before, during the American Revolutionary War, he had been captured by the British and sentenced to the infamous prison ship Jersey, a demasted hulk anchored in the East River off New York City. It is estimated that more than 11,000 men perished on the British prison ships over the course of the war, and their bones regularly washed up on the shore long after hostilities ceased. Dring survived to tell the tale. Editor David Swain has provided an introductory essay and extensive notes containing background information and historical documentation to illuminate the original manuscript

2011, Pen & Sword, , 9781594161223,< C-01>,224pp, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Colonial & Other Wars
Web No. 36283-01..............................£19.99 

by James Falkner

The great siege of Gibraltar was the longest recorded in the annals of the British army. Between 1779 and 1783 a small British force defended the Rock against the Spanish and the French who were determined take this strategically vital point guarding the entrance to the Mediterranean. The tenacity and endurance shown by the attackers and defenders alike, and the sheer ingenuity of the siege operations mounted by both sides make the episode an epic of military history, and the story gives us a fascinating insight into the realities of siege warfare.

2009, Pen & Sword, , 9781844159154,< C-01>,109pp, illustrations, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Colonial & Other Wars
Web No. 21138-01..............................£19.99 

by David Barry Gaspar

A Study of Master-Slave Relations in Antigua. Originally published in 1985, and available for the first time in paperback, Bondmen and Rebels provides a pioneering study of slave resistance in the Americas. Using the large-scale Antigua slave conspiracy of 1736 as a window into that society, David Barry Gaspar explores the deeper interactive character of the relation between slave resistance and white control.

2019, Duke University Press, , 9780822313366,< C-01>,336pp, 2 maps, new in card cover, , CARD
Subject...Colonial & Other Wars
Web No. 37893-01..............................£23.99 

by Natasha Lightfoot

In 1834 Antigua became the only British colony in the Caribbean to move directly from slavery to full emancipation. Immediate freedom, however, did not live up to its promise, as it did not guarantee any level of stability or autonomy, and the implementation of new forms of coercion and control made it, in many ways, indistinguishable from slavery. Lightfoot examines conceptions of freedom and the narrative that landlessness was the primary constraint for newly emancipated slaves in the Caribbean.

2015, Duke University Press, , 9780822360070,< C-01>,320pp, 5 maps, 5 b/w illustrations, new in card cover, , CARD
Subject...Colonial & Other Wars
Web No. 37894-01..............................£23.99 

by Edward M. Spiers

The Scottish Soldier and Empire, 1854-1902 reflects upon the iconic role of the Scottish soldier as an empire builder from the Crimean War to the end of the nineteenth century. It examines how the soldier commented on this imperial experience, largely through letter, diaries and poems published in the provincial press, how his exploits were reviewed in Scotland and how military achievements contributed to both a growing sense of national identity and a deepening degree of imperial commitment. Amongst the conflicts featured are the wars in South Africa, Afghanistan, Egypt and Sudan, and campaigns in the North-West Frontier

2006, Edinburgh University Pres, , 9780748623549,< C-01>,244pp, 9 maps, 9 b/w illustrations, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Colonial & Other Wars
Web No. 37664-01..............................£38.00 

by Wiley Sword

The defeat of General Hood at Spring Hill, Franklin and Nashville. Following the fall of Atlanta, rebel commander John Bell Hood rallied his demoralized troops and marched them off the Tennessee, desperately hoping to draw Sherman after him and forestall the Confederacy's defeat. But Sherman refused to be lured and began his infamous "March to the Sea". In this compelling dramatic account of a final and fatal invasion by the Confederate Army of Tennessee, Sword illuminates the missed opportunities, senseless bloody assaults, poor command decisions, and stubborn pride that resulted in 23,500 Confederate losses.

1993, Univ. Press of Kansas, , 0700606505,< C-02>,499pp, 47 b/w photos & illustrations, New in card cover, , CARD
Subject...Colonial & Other Wars - The American Civil War
Web No. 18634-02..............................£23.50 

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