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These are books available or expected to be published by the various specialist, military publishers with whom we deal. 

We  need to order these in specially so please be patient as they are often delayed ie they don’t always appear when the publishers list said they would!
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by Werner Muller

German Guns and Ballistic Directional Equipment: 88mm, 105mm, 128Mm, 150mm. An extensively illustrated study of these weapons in service with the German Armed Forces during World War II.

1990, Schiffer Publications, , 9780887402630,< P-01>,Large format, 160pp, 250+ b/w photos, new in illustrated boards, ,
Subject...Land Vehicles & Weapons - General
Web No. 37667-01..............................£25.99 

by Dieter Stenger

Organized during 1943, 10th SS Panzer Division saw its first action in the spring of 1944 during the attempt to relieve an encircled German army on the Eastern Front. Several months later they were ordered west to Normandy, where by mid-June 1944 German defenses against the Allied offensive were crumbling. Here the division engaged in a series of armored ounterattacks against British and American forces. The 10th SS gradually had to fall back to Falaise, where the division escaped the Allied encirclement with no tanks and only a fraction of its men. They next defended against the Allied airborne assault during Operation Market Garden in September 1944, fought in Alsace before returning to the Eastern Front. There, east of Berlin, the division participated in the final, futile battles against the Red Army before escaping to Czechoslovakia to surrender to the U.S. Army.

2017, Stackpole, , 9780811716277,< P-01>,large format, 383pp, numerous b/w photographs, illustrations, 3-view drawings, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Land Vehicles & Weapons - General
Web No. 37737-01..............................£24.95 

by Lee Archer and William Auerbach

The Panzerwrecks series feature destroyed, surrendered and abandoned German armour of 1944-45. Each landscape volume contains over 100 large format rare and previously unpublished black and white photographs. This volume includes: A 39 page feature on German wrecks in Paris, Final production Tiger IIs with and without transport tracks, Unique photos of the Patton Museum 'last steel wheel' Panther, A Rare command variant of the Jadgtiger, Hybrid 7.5cm Pak 40/3 from a Marder III mounted in a 15cm sIG33/2 (Sf) auf GW 38(t) Grille superstructure, Sd.Kfz.234 fitted with a 2cm 'Schwebelafette', Pz.Jgr.II für 7.5cm Pak 40 with unusual late war camouflage, Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G with 'swinging' Schürzen, 18 page coverage of the enormous Karlgerät.

2013, Panzerwrecks, , 9781908032058,< P-04>,Landscape format with gatefold covers, 96pp, 132 b/w photos, New in card cover, , CARD
Subject...Land vehicles & weapons - Panzer Wrecks Series
Web No. 34995-01..............................£16.99 

by Barbara W Tuchman

The author explores one of the paradoxes of history: the pursuit by governments of policies contrary to their own interests.She identifies the hallmark of folly in government from the dispersion of the ten tribes of Israel to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor: the self destructive act carried out despite the availability of a feasible alternative. Tuchman illuminates four decisive turning points in history and takes us into the lives of six Popes who by carrying the secular spirit of their age to excess not only brought the Holy See into disrepute but broke apart the unity of Christendom.

1990, Cardinal Publishing, , 0747401934,< R-01>,559pp., Well used with marks and creases on cover., , CARD
Subject...History & Development of Warfare - General
Web No. 32504-01..............................£2.00 

by Heinz Hohne

Pages browning.The inside story of the Red Orchestra - the Russian Spy network in the Third Reich.They infiltrated Occupied Europe, sabotaged Hitler's War Machine and penetrated the German High Command.

1973, Pan Books, , 0330237438,< R-03>,256pp illustrations, , , CARD
Subject...Intelligence, Espionage, Reconnaissance & Electronic Warfare
Web No. 30253-01..............................£2.00 

by Brian Johnson

Mass market paperback. Pages browning. Creasing on back cover. The various secret weaponry and electronics used in WWII. Includes the German Knickebein beams and British counter-measures, the V1 and V2, Ultra and Enigma. Brian Johnson also recalls some of the fantastic weapons which like the magnetic mines had to be countered quickly. There were 40 ton gliders, rocket powered guided missiles and jet fighters, which came too late. There was also the Great Panjandrum; two massive, rocket-propelled, 10 foot wooden wheels, connected by 2 tons of explosives. It was to be launched by a landing ship on D-Day, race up the beach and blow a massive hole in the Atlantic Wall. It was never used because it proved to be more dangerous to those who launched it than it was to the Germans!

1979, Arrow Books, , 0099207907,< R-03>,352pp illustrations, Good in card covers, , CARD
Subject...Intelligence, Espionage, Reconnaissance & Electronic Warfare
Web No. 25730-02..............................£2.00 

by Rudi Rolf

An astoundingly detailed and extensively illustrated study by fortifications expert, Rudi Rolf, on the massive system of structures put in place by the German Confederated states following the Napoleonic Wars. Amongst the numerous structures covered are: The National Fortress System; The Molsheim Project; Group Fortifications; The Metz Fortress 1898-1905; The Feste Fortresses; Advanced Batteries; Costs; 1913-Designs; Coastal defences; Naval Gun Turrets; Railroad and Bridge Defences; WWI Trench Systems and Shelter Design. The book contains approximately 500 colour and black and white photos, illustrations, maps and plans

2017, PRAK Publishing, , 9789081709538,< R-05>,Large format, 160pp, c500 colour & b/w photos, maps plans, New in pictorial boards, ,
Subject...Military Architecture, Fortifications & Defences
Web No. 37666-01..............................£36.00 


A brief pamphlet, published by the US Army Center of Military History, on the US Army's disastrous campaign in the Philippines, 1941-2. The fate of the defenders was sealed when the Japanese crippled the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941 and destroyed US air assets in the Philippines. Author Jennifer L. Bailey.

1992, Center of MilitaryHistory, , 0160358795,< X-08>,23pp, 3 illustrations, 4 maps, New in paper covers, , CARD
Subject...The Bargain Basement - 1
Web No. 11297-02..............................£2.00 

by Alistair Renwick

The tale of Robert Burns, a grandson of the Bard, who sailed to Singapore in 1846 and worked as a trader in Singapore, Labuan and along the North-West coast of Borneo. He was the first European to explore a major river system in the country that is now the East Malaysian State of Sarawak and which was then controlled by the Kayan, one of the fiercest tribes of headhunters. He lost his job as an agent of a Scots-based firm in Singapore. Undaunted, Burns traded on his own account, but on his last voyage in the schooner Dolphin, he was murdered by pirates at sea, off the Northern tip of Borneo.

2003, Cualann Press, , 9780954441623,< X-08>,192pp, illustrations., New in card covers, , CARD
Subject...The Bargain Basement - 1
Web No. 99190-01..............................£2.00 

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