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        13th January, 2018



by Marc Bloch

First published in 1949, this is 'A Statement of Evidence Written in 1940'. Having returned home from military service following the fall of France, Bloch wrote this manuscript to analyse the military faiures he had witnessed. He concluded that the immediate cause of the disaster was the utter incompetence of the French High command. Having worked with the Resistance since 1942, he was arrested by the Vichy police in March, 1944. They handed him over to the Gestapo who tortured and shot him.


New in card cover - xxii + 178pp

W. W. Norton, 1999
 ISBN 9780303319118

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by Karl-Heinz Regnat 

During the Battle of Britain and in the dark and dangerous period which followed, many people in the British Isles would have been all too aware of the shape and sound of the twin-engined Heinkel 111 bomber, with its distinctive glazed nose. Though still in front line service in large numbers at this time, the aircraft was already becoming obselete. The type first flew in 1935 and saw active service during the Spanish Civil War. It was used to equip Kampfgruppe 88, the bomber component of Legion Condor, Hitler's aerial assistance to the Spanish fascists. Later it served in a wide variety of roles. Though mainly used as a bomber, it also undertook reconnaissance, torpedo bombing, glider towing and transport roles.

Black Cross: Volume 4

New in card cover - A4 format, 96pp, Numerous b/w & colour illustrations

Midland Publishing, 2004
ISBN 9781857801842


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by James Lucas

Lucas's analysis of German Special Forces operations in WWII. Undercover and other special operations, conceived and executed with ruthless thoroughness, won the Germans some stunning victories against all odds. Specially trained SS agents-provocateurs laid the ground for the German invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland. This book tells the complete story, including the Brandenburgers, the the navy's K-Men, the SS-Kommando-GB, and the children of the Werewolves and the Hitler Youth, trained in murderous partisan warfare.


Very good in d/w - 245pp, 70 photos, illustrations, diagrams, bibliography, index

Guild Publishing, 1985
ISBN 0853687072

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by Don MacNaughton   

A novel based on the author's experiences with the Parachute Regiment in Northern Ireland. The book is notable for the realistic picture it paints of British "squaddies" in the turbulent confusion of 'the troubles' Northern Ireland in the early 1970s.

New in card cover - 250pp

Galago, 1986
ISBN 0946995818

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by Jason D. Mark

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