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Military History - Early Warfare - General Section

Early Warfare - General Section
The history of warfare from Greek & Roman conflicts, the Crusades & Medieval
 & Elizabethan times to the Jacobite Rebellions

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by Michael Angold

Michael Angold's book is a clear, concise and authoritative history of the successor state to the Roman Empire, known as the Byzantine Empire. It was named after Byzantium, which Emperor Constantine I rebuilt in 330 AD as Constantinople and made the capital of the entire Roman Empire. It begins in the heart of Byzantium, the city of Constantinople from which a new Empire emerged, and shows how the foundation and growth of the city altered the balance of the Roman empire, shifting the centre of gravity east. The author describes the emergence of political factions and their impact on political life and traces the rise of Islam. Angold concludes his book by stressing the continuing attraction and influence of imperial Byzantium, best seen in Norman Sicily.

2001, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, , 0297835963,< A-01>,186pp, 33 b/w illustrations, 3 maps, mint in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 24158-01..............................£10.00 

by Andrew Ayton and Sir Philip Preston

The battle of Crécy is of huge significance for the course of the Hundred Years War. It witnessed the defeat of a major French army with the king at its head, by the expeditionary force of a kingdom which was not renowned for its military prowess. Yet it is Agincourt which has engaged the popular imagination, and Crécy has been neglected. This book seeks to fill this gap, outlining the events of the campaign in Normandy and Ponthieu of which Crécy was the culmination. It offers new interpretations of the battle, from the composition of the armies to the place of the battlefield, and will be of major interest for any student of medieval military history.

2005, Boydell & Brewer Ltd, , 9781843833062,< A-01>,390pp, 4 maps, 3 illustrations, New in card cover, , CARD
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 33155-03..............................£19.99 

by Michael C. Bishop

This is a reference guide to Roman legionary fortresses throughout the former Roman Empire, of which approximately eighty-five have been located and identified. With the expansion of the empire and the garrisoning of its army in frontier regions during the 1st century AD, Rome began to concentrate its legions in large permanent bases. Some have been explored in great detail, others are barely known, but this book brings together for the first time the legionary fortresses of the whole empire. At the heart of the book is a referenced and illustrated catalogue of the known bases, each with a specially prepared plan and an aerial photograph.

2013, Pen & Sword, , 9781848841383,< A-01>,208pp, numerous illustrations & plans, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34594-01..............................£19.99 

by David J. Breeze

Small amount of underlining in bibliography. Good. At its height the borders of the Roman Empire stretched from the rain-swept highlands of Scotland to the sun-scorched Nubian desert. But how were the vast and varied stretches of frontier defined and defended? This wide-ranging study covers the varying frontier systems, describing the extant remains, methods and materials of construction. The author discusses these in relation to the organisation and structure of the Roman army, and also their impact on civilian life. Appendices include a brief guide to visiting the sites today.

2011, Pen & Sword, , 9781848844278,< A-01>,242pp, numerous colour & b/w illustrations & maps, Good in plastic covered d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34224-01..............................£18.00 

by Paul Brown

When a band of Norman adventurers arrived in southern Italy to fight in the Lombard insurrections against the Byzantine empire in the early 1000s, few would have predicted that within a few generations some of these men would seize control of Apulia, Campania, Calabria and Sicily. How did they make such extraordinary gains and then consolidate their power? this absorbing study, seeks to answer these questions and throw light onto the Norman conquests across the Mediterranean which were even more remarkable than those achieved in France and England.

2016, Pen & Sword, , 9781473828476,< A-01>,251pp, 20 colour illustrations, 2 maps, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 37236-01..............................£25.00 

by Duncan B Campbell

Explores the development of siege warfare in the ancient world from Persia in the 6th century BC to the 4th century Roman world, examining the techniques and weapons used during the sieges in this period.

2006, Osprey Publishing, , 9781846030192,< A-01>,224pp illustrations, maps, Good in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34707-01..............................£8.00 

by John Carr

The Eastern Roman or 'Byzantine' Empire had to fight for survival throughout its long history. John Carr concentrates on more capable war fighters who occupied the imperial throne at Constantinople, including such men as Constantine I , Julian, Theodosius, Justinian, Heraclius, Leo I, Leo III, Basil I, Basil II, Romanus IV Diogenes, Isaac Angelus, and Constantine XI. Byzantium's emperors formed a bulwark of Christendom against aggressive Islamic expansion, thus was the Empire able to endure for almost a thousand years after the fall of Rome.

2015, Pen & Sword, , 9781783831166,< A-01>,277pp, 20 b/w photos & illustrations, Very Good in plastic covered d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 36886-01..............................£10.00 

by Adrian Coombs-Hoar

The Roman Defeat at Adrianopolis, AD 378. In AD376 Goths, seeking refuge from the Huns, sought admittance to the Eastern Roman Empire. Emperor Valens took the decision to grant them entry, hoping to utilize them for his campaigns against Persia. The Goths had been providing warriors to Roman armies for decades, however mistreatment by Roman officials led them to take up arms against their hosts. The resultant battle near Adrianopolis in AD378, in which Valens lost his life, was one of the most significant defeats suffered by Rome.

2015, Pen & Sword, , 9781781590881,< A-01>,180pp, 6 maps & diagrams, Very Good in plastic covered d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 36792-01..............................£6.00 

by Dr. Kirsty Corrigan

Although Marcus Junius Brutus is one of the most infamous, conspirators of Rome and the ancient world, knowledge of him has principally been passed to the modern world through the medium of Shakespeare's tragedy, Julius Caesar. This biography considers Brutus in his historical context, gathering details from ancient evidence and piecing together his whole life. While his actions played a pivotal role in Roman history, ultimately bringing about the downfall of the Roman republic, Brutus has been neglected. This dedicated biography is a full and balanced reconsideration of this significant Roman.

2015, Pen & Sword, , 9781848847767,< A-01>,252pp, 6 maps & plans, 24 b/w photos, Very good in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 37037-01..............................£15.00 

by Arthur Cotterell

The chariot changed the face of ancient warfare. First in West Asia and Egypt, then in India and China, charioteers dominated the battlefield. In 1274 BC at Kadesh in present-day Syria - where the untried pharaoh Ramesses II was nearly defeated by the Hittites - 5,000 chariots were deployed in battle. Its use as a war machine is graphically recounted in Indian epics and Chinese chronicles. Homer's Iliad tells of the attack on Troy by Greek heroes who rode in chariots. In 326 BC Alexander the Great faced charioteers in northern India, while in 55 BC, on a Kent beach, Julius Caesar was met by British chariots

2004, Pimlico Publications, , 0712669426,< A-01>,344pp illustrations, Fine in dw, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 35897-01..............................£8.00 

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