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by Jeff Rutherford and Adrian Wettstein

Histories of the German army on the Eastern Front generally focus on battlefield exploits on the war as it was fought in the front line. They tend to neglect other aspects of the army's experience, particularly its participation in the racial war demanded by the leadership of the Reich. Using a selection of revealing extracts from a wide range of wartime documents, the book looks at the totality of the Wehrmachts war in the East. Combat is covered, and complicity in Hitlers war of annihilation against the Soviet Union. There are sections on the conduct of the war in the rear areas logistics, medical, judicial and the army's tactics, motivation and leadership.

2018, Pen & Sword, , 9781473861749,< G-04>,228pp, 22 b/w photos, new in d/w, ,
Subject...World War II - Eastern Front
Web No. 38111-01..............................£25.00 

by Wolf Heckmann

Mass market paperback. Covers creased, pages browning. Useful study copy. A critical study of Rommel and his activities in North Africa. Translated from the original German publication. Foreword by Sir John Hackett

1982, Granada Publishing, , 0586056351,< G-05>,512pp illustrations, , , CARD
Subject...World War II - Africa/Middle East
Web No. 15373-01..............................£2.00 

by Victor Failmezger

The Nazi Occupation, 1943-44. In September 1943, following wave upon wave of Allied bombing, Italy announced an armistice with the Allies. Shortly afterwards, the German army disarmed Italian forces and, despite military and partisan resistance, quickly overran Rome. Rome - City in Terror is a comprehensive history of the nine-month-long German occupation of the city that followed. The Gestapo wasted no time enforcing an iron grip on the city once the occupation was in place. They swiftly eliminated the Carabinieri, the Italian paramilitary force, rounded up thousands of Italians to build extensive defensive lines across Italy, and, at 5am one morning, arrested more than 1,000 Roman Jews and sent them to Auschwitz. This is the compelling story of an Eternal City brought low, of the terror and hardship of occupation, and of the disparate army of partisan fighters, displaced aristocrats, Vatican priests, Allied POWs and ordinary citizens who battled for the liberation of Rome.

2020, Osprey Publishing, , 9781472841285,< G-06>,496pp, 8 maps, 100+ colour & b/w photos & illustrations, new in d/w, ,
Subject...World War II - Italy
Web No. 38098-01..............................£25.00 

by Jeffrey Plowman

An account of the Cavendish Road operation. Early on the morning of 19 March, 1944, tanks manned by New Zealanders, Indians and Americans launched a daring attack along a narrow mountain track on German positions north of Monte Cassino. So began one of the most audacious Allied attempts to break through the Gustav Line and advance on Rome, and it almost succeeded. Yet this extraordinary story has seldom been told, and it has never been told before in the vivid detail in this new account. The planning for the attack and the men involved are described in a gripping and clear-sighted way, as is the attack itself; its initial rapid success and its ultimate failure.

2020, Pen & Sword, , 9781526764904,< G-06>,194pp, numerous colour & b/w photos, maps, new in d/w, ,
Subject...World War II - Italy
Web No. 38072-01..............................£25.00 

by Alan Clark

Mass market paperback. Crease on front cover, pages browning. Good. The story of one of the most epic battles fought between German and Allied forces during the Second World War. The decisive action took place within five days and by the third, the number of German dead exceeded their losses in all other theatres since the outbreak of hostilities. The German parachutists were confined for supply and reinforcements to a single airstrip at Maleme, yet on this one foothold they managed to land over eight thousand men, who defeated an Allied army nearly five times as numerous.

1974, New English Library, , 0450018458,< G-07>,205pp, photos, maps, , , CARD
Subject...World War II - Mediterranean/Balkans
Web No. 22629-03..............................£2.00 

by Jeffrey Plowman

All are familiar with the rapid thrusts the Germans made in the early days of the Second World War that saw the demise first of Poland, and then the Low Countries and France. But were the German Blitzkrieg tactics, which appeared at the time to smash through all resistance, really as devastating as they seemed? That is the major question asked in this absorbing new study of the campaign in Greece in 1941. Within three weeks they overran the country but, by looking into the campaign in detail, the author claims that at no time did the Germans gain ascendancy over the token British and Anzac force sent to bolster the Greek defenders.

2018, Pen & Sword, , 9781526730251,< G-07>,226pp, 50 b/w photos, 7 maps, new in d/w, ,
Subject...World War II - Mediterranean/Balkans
Web No. 37912-01..............................£19.99 

by David M. Glantz

This critical examination of the final Soviet strategic offensive operation during World War II seeks to chip away at generally inaccurate pictures many Westerners have of the Red Army in World War II. Far from depending on brute force, it applied flexible tactic, sophisticated operations and audacious strategy to crush, in only two weeks, a Japanese opponent still able to mount a formidable defence.

2006, Frank Cass, , 9780415408639,< G-09>,368pp, 39 b/w photos, 45 maps, 26 tables, new in card cover, , CARD
Subject...World War II - Far East
Web No. 37933-01..............................£40.00 

by David M. Glantz

This critical examination of the final Soviet strategic offensive operation during World War II seeks to chip away at generally inaccurate pictures many Westerners have of the Red Army in World War II. At the request of its Western Allies, on 9 August 1945 a force of over 1.5 million Red Army soldiers, supported by more than 5500 tanks, and 27,000 artillery pieces, unleashed a massive offensive against the vaunted Japanese Kwantung Army in Manchuria. Employing extensive and imaginative maneuver to overcome terrain thought to be impenetrable, within two weeks, the attacking forces overcame formidable Japanese defenses along a front of more than 2700 miles spanning the most formidable terrain an army has ever faced.

2006, Frank Cass, , 9780415408615,< G-09>,451pp, 79 b/w photos, 84 maps, 48 tables, new in card cover, , CARD
Subject...World War II - Far East
Web No. 37932-01..............................£40.00 


A Battleground Guide by Carl Shilleto. This battlefield guide is the companion work to Merville Battery and The Dives Bridges. Together, these two books form the fully revised and updated edition of the previous best selling Battleground Europe Series book Pegasus Bridge and Merville Battery.This book examines, in great detail, the attack by the British 6th Airborne Division, in six gliders, on the Caen Canal and River Orne bridges in the early hours of D-Day, 6 June 1944. It also describes part of the battle for the village of Benouville by 7 Para and Ranville by 13 Para. It was the combination of these actions that allowed the link-up between the commandos and airborne troops on D-Day, thereby, forming a bridgehead to help secure the eastern flank of the greatest combined military operation in history; Operation Overlord.

2015, Pen & Sword, , 9781848843097,< G-11>,192pp, maps, illustrations, New in card covers, , CARD
Subject...Battleground Europe - World War II
Web No. 37910-01..............................£12.99 


A Battleground Guide by Tim Saunders. The attack by Rudder’s Rangers on Pointe du Hoc, as one of the opening acts of D Day, is without doubt an epic of military history. As a result of Montgomery’s upscaling of the invasion General Bradley’s First US Army had to deal with a dangerous coastal gun battery that would dominate the approaches to both Omaha and Utah Beaches. Lieutenant Colonel James Rudder, commander of the Provisional Ranger Group consisting of 2nd and 5th US Rangers, set about training his men and developing techniques to get up the hundred-foot-high cliff. Rocket fired grapples, ladders of various types and even free climbing of a similar lose cliff on England’s south coast were practiced. On D-Day everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

2018, Pen & Sword, , 9781473889163,< G-11>,234pp, maps, illustrations, New in card covers, , CARD
Subject...Battleground Europe - World War II
Web No. 37911-01..............................£14.99 

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